Peter Mantzoros, better known as PeterGreek, petergreek2002, TheRealPeterGreek and ancientogre, is a former YouTuber (but unsuccesful) and Project: Pokemon fan, as well as a Tekken fan.

Project: Pokemon Edit

He started playing PP back in 2016 under the name petergreek2002 and became a champion after 6 months of effort.

However, on Easter 2017, he forgot his password, and started from his second account, ancientogre, where he is a champion too.

Tekken Edit

Peter's first video game for the PS2 was Tekken 5, and he managed to complete it, despite struggling with the final boss. He had mastered lots of characters and unlocked many hidden features.

He would return with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on PS3, where he has unlocked every single ending, features and DLC. His most used character is Alisa.

Pokemon Brick Bronze Edit

Peter hates Pokemon Brick Bronze as he describes it as a cheap attempt for the developers to gain Robux.

Failed attempt at Creepypasta Wiki Edit

Before joining Project: Pokemon Wiki, Peter made an attempt to submit a story at Creepypasta Wiki. The name of the story is Number 17 and it involved a man who made an offensive rant on YouTube, but he ends up being chased by a killer who uses the pseudonym Number 17. However, his story got deleted, and when he attempted to repost it, he recieved a ban. He has not been active on CW ever since.

NOTE: I may right an updated version of the Number 17 series, and even a few sequels.

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