PeterGreek (formerly PeterGreek Videos) is a now inactive channel owned by YouTuber Peter Mantzoros. It became active at 6th June 2016 with a review about Sonic.exe. Since then, the channel has been active for many months.

Early Days Edit

In 6th of June, 2016, PeterGreek started his first video with a review about Sonic.exe. This video is still his most popular video, with more than 200 views and 5 likes, despite the use of many vulgarisms. The second video was a bonus one with the hidden levels. The third video was a review of a PSP knockoff he got 7 years ago from a flea market. The next two videos were reviews of Username 666 and 2 girls 1 cup (the 2 girls 1 cup video contains footage of this video), which were succesful. A fake virus tutorial and a ransomware review followed, with Peter reaching 10 subs).

Decline and near shutdown Edit

In mid-august, Peter released a two part minecraft video called A message for Europe, where he trapped a girl (whose identity will be revealed on a future video) in a giant bomb and blew the bomb up. This video got extremely negative reviews by fans and Peter lost most of his subs. A new minecraft video called I do parkour followed, but failed to do anything. Them, Peter began WWE 2K16 and Roblox Project Pokemon, but they failed miserably. A new intro was made for improvements, and a game review about Sally.exe and a video about Sonic.exe followed, without any success. His last video was a Scary Maze review, but it failed too. Peter deleted the controversial videos from above and thought about shutting down his channel after excessive critisicm...

Return, inactivity and end of an era Edit

Peter returned with brand new videos recorded on Bandicam instead of his trademark tablet. He made more than 10 songs with ButtonBass cubes and pianos, with the song Dubstep Madness being his most succesfull. A soundcloud account was also opened and he has 8 followers currently. He would also return to gaming with and Project Pokemon, this time more succesful. He recently began an alliance with fellow YouTuber FrankTRD (formerly FrankTDM).

However, an Internet failure and a Blue Screen of Death did not allow him to continue and became very inactive. An attempt to return failed, and now he has stopped making videos.

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